Color Grading with Alex Jordan: LUTs and Highlight Rolloff Another conversation with Alex Jordan on color grading, this time talking about LUTs (what they are, what they are useful for and what they are not useful for) as well as highlight rolloff. I like his practical approach where he clearly explains that you cannot just expect to drop a film emulation LUT on your clips and expect it to fix all the issues your clips may have in terms of exposure, white balance, or color shifts and this makes his "componentized" LUTs more flexible for getting the final look that you're after.

I've learned a lot from Alex's DaVinci Resolve 11 online training. I love that his courses are so succinct. You can get through a lot of material quickly and I think I actually retain the info better at this pace.

Also, in this episode he offers a 20% discount for the next five days on his LUT packs over at Also, if you buy the full pack in the next five days, you also get a lifetime membership to this DaVinci Resolve 11 training which will soon be updated to Resolve 12 training once the new version is released. That's a good value!