Sync Audio to Video in FCPX

Sync Sound or Double System Sound is when you record your video with your camera and record your audio to a separate audio recorder. The question is, how to you put them together? In this episode we show you how to sync them together using three separate options in Final Cut Pro X. It’s easy no matter which way you do it!

The three methods we cover here are automatic, manually syncing with a clap, and using timecode. I was excited to do this with timecode for the first time using my Panasonic GH4 and the Tascam DR-701D which I have on loan for a review from B&H Photo. Can't wait to finish up the review on that, it's a great new recorder for solo shooters. What's cool is that you don't even need that wonky interface unit for the GH4 to make this work--all done with a simple HDMI feed from the camera to the recorder.