Sound for Video Session: Mixing While Recording

Why do the pro's actively mix while recording? That is, why do they bother adjusting the faders for each channel while recording? Not suggesting that all projects require this, but here are some thoughts on why the pro's often do:

  • Save time in post
  • Create a stereo mix for projects with a quick turn-around
  • Avoid phase and comb-filtering issues by attenuating mics that are not currently recording (e.g., reducing the level on talent that are in between dialogue lines)
  • Provide a mix track that the editor can use for the edit without having to munge through all the ISO tracks

Many of us solo shooters may not have the luxury of doing a mix while recording so we'll have to do much of the work in post. Or, if we're shooting in cases where we have cameras locked off on tripods, maybe we can!

In any case, it is good to understand the purpose of a proper mix.

We also talked about devices which lend themselves to mixing (Zoom F8, Tascam DR-60DmkII, Sound Devices 633) and those which do not (e.g., Zoom H4n) and why.