Aputure Camera-top LED Light and Smartphone Lavalier Microphone

Aputure was kind enough to send me samples of two of their new products: The A.lav EZ which is a lavalier microphone which records to most mobile phones and the Amaran AL-M9 camera-top LED light.

In this episode we give you a quick look and listen to both of these. The lavalier is a great choice for those who will be recording video with their phone because it includes a nice long 3 meter cable and sounds much better than the phone’s in-built microphones. The Amaran LED light is quite impressive for its size. The color quality is quite good and with its in-built Li-Ion battery and light weight, you can take this anywhere with ease. We show how to soften the light with a 5-in-1 reflector.

The A.lav EZ is available now for less than $25 USD and the Amaran AL-M9 is coming soon.