Soften Your Video Light: Karamy Adapter and Umbrella

For interview or talking head video shots, I like to soften my Aputure Light Storm LED Panels (LS1s) to ensure that the light looks as flattering as possible. But one of the problems is that to do that, I’ve been setting up an additional light stand in front of the light and mounting a shoot-through scrim. This works beautifully in terms of softening the light but it is a bulky setup.

Karamy contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing any of their products. I saw that they had an umbrella adapter which would potentially solve this problem for me: Now I can mount an umbrella in front of my LED panels without the need for an additional stand!

In addition, softening light with a large 46” umbrella looks much nicer in most cases than just clipping some diffusion paper on the barn doors of your light. The effect is much softer and more flattering in most cases with the umbrella.

Full disclosure: Karamy gave me this adapter and umbrella free of charge. They did not pay me further to do this review and did not specify what I was able to say or not say.