Sound for Video Session: Recording Foley & Stereo Width

In this week's Sound for Video Session we discuss the fundamentals of recording foley sound and why the Zoom handy recorders allow you to change the stereo width with their in-built microphones.

Items mentioned in the session:

Foley short film - The Secret World of Foley

- RODE Stereo VideoMic Pro Review (sample stereo recording)

- Shure MV88 Review - Mid-Side and Adjustable Stereo Width Microphone Review

Gear discussed and used to produce this episode:

Aputure Deity Shotgun Microphone - This is the mic I used to record the foley for my current project. I was happy with the results.

Sound Devices 633 Mixer/Recorder - My production mixer. You don't have to have one of these to record good foley sound.

Electrovoice RE20 Dynamic Microphone - Voiceover for this session was recorded with this microphone

Antelope Orion Studio Audio Interface - Voiceover for this demo was recorded with this audio interface.