Sound Devices MixPre-3 and MixPre-6: A New Standard for Sub $1000 Mixers/Recorders

Sound Devices have just announced a new series of audio recorders/computer interface for filmmaking enthusiasts, podcasters, and YouTubers called the MixPre-3 and MixPre-6. I didn't see this coming and - WOW - on paper they look impressive. They're shaking up the category that has been owned by Zoom for the last couple of years with their F8 and F4 recorders.

What makes the MixPre's unique?

  • New Kashmir preamplifier design by Sound Devices - Class A preamps with discrete components rather than off-the-shelf integrated circuit preamps
  • Analogue limiters
  • Analogue to Digital Converter - new 32-bit design
  • Touchscreen LCD Screen
  • USB audio interface for computers - Via USB-A and C
  • Basic and Advanced menu modes
  • Stream audio to computer and record to SD card simultaneously
  • Large, ergonomic potentiometers (knobs)
  • Several powering options including AA, USB, and Sony NP-F style batteries
  • Bluetooth app for iPhone/iPad to control the MixPre wirelessly
  • 1/4"-20 tap and screw to mount the recorder under your camera

Fortunately, I have an appointment to meet with the guys at Sound Devices next week at NAB so I'm planning to get a good look at the MixPre's and will have more info for you soon.

Oh, and pricing: The MixPre-3 is priced at $650 USD, the MixPre-6 at $900 USD.

Did Sound devices just kill their 6xx and 7xx series mixers and recorders with these new devices? No, not even close for a lot of reasons we can cover another time. But this is a great option for those who cannot spend $3300 for a high quality mixer/recorder and an audio interface to boot!

My friend Jonathan Morrison, for whom I've done a little bit of audio post work, was lucky enough to get an early look at the MixPre. He's coming from the perspective of a YouTuber and does a nice job outlining the benefits from a mobile creator point of view.