A Little Piece I Worked On...

Last fall I was privileged to work as the location mixer for a short piece on the effects of the outdoors on your brain. Interesting topic, and a lot of fun for a one-day shoot.

I like the final piece overall but was a little disappointed in what was done to some of the production audio. The main correspondent was mic'd with a Voice Technologies VT500 lavalier through a Sennheiser G3 wireless system and a DPA 4017B shotgun mic directly into my Sound Devices 633. Also used the Rycote Cyclone as wind protection for the shotgun mic.

The production tracks were all good but something happened in the final edit, particularly to the dialogue of Dr. Strayer which sounds like they kept both the lav mic and the boom so there's some odd phasing. **sigh**

Nevertheless, it seems to make its message clear and I had a great time with a fun crew. Thanks attn: and REI Co-Op!