Aputure - New Lights and Sidus Link - NAB 2019

At NAB 2019, we stopped by the Aputure booth to see the new products they announced and wow! There's a bunch of them. Hopefully they can deliver them all before 2019 comes to a close. I'm especially interested in the 300DmkII and the spotlight. The new Sidus Link sig mesh bluetooth control is also interesting.

Please consider my sound for video classes.

Aputure MC - Small RGB LED panel that can charge wirelessly and communicate via sig mesh bluetooth. Optional hard case with 12 wireless charging slots - Coming soon

Aputure RC - A smart LED bulb, but battery powered, RGB, and with good CRI/TLCI, and color effects. Oh, and also sig mesh bluetooth control. No flicker at any shutter speed - Coming Soon

Aputure COB300DmkII - 20% brighter, handbrake yoke, 360 degree yoke, integrated control box and power supply with passive cooling and metal body, power via 1 or 2 cine batteries, super clamp and QR for control box - Coming Soon

Aputure Spotlight - similar to a leko light - various beam angles with focusing, internal flags to cut the light, and slot for adjustable aperture and cookies and gobos - Coming soon.

Aputure Lantern - Quick setup china ball with double sided skirts - Coming soon

Copyright 2019 by Curtis Judd

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