Sound for Video Session: Accusonus ERA 4 Cleanup Plugins

When it comes time to mix the sound for your film project, cleanup can be one of the more challenging parts. Accusonus just released their ERA 4 standard and pro bundles which include a series of easy to use VST plugins which work with most video editing and digital audio workstation apps: Noise Remover, Reverb Remover, Plosive Remover, De-Esser, De-Clipper, Voice Leveler, De-Esser Pro (Pro bundle only), ERA-D (Pro bundle only - advanced noise and de-reverb plugin). Here’s a demo of how severe of these work.

Please consider my sound for video classes.

Gear used to record this episode:

Accusonus ERA 4 Bundle

RODE TF-5 Cardioid Condenser Microphone - Used to record the reverb dialogue sample

Shure SM7B Dynamic Broadcast Microphone - My voiceover (Amazon)

Universal Audio Apollo X6 Audio Interface

Copyright 2019 by Curtis Judd

Music Copyright 2018 by Cary Judd, Used with Permission