Panasonic GH4: Cinelike D and Funny Skin Tones

First, an important note to keep things in perspective: I really like the GH4 for the type of shooting that I do. But it is not the perfect camera for everyone. Here is one limitation I've found. This does not make it a bad camera, just a factor to keep in mind. Ok, good, with that out of the way... While working more with the Panasonic GH4 and trying to refine the settings, I'm finding that the Cinelike D Photo Style (as Panny calls them) does some pretty strange things to skin tones. Specifically, it seems to add a little too much red/orange, like in the talking head clips in my most recent video:

I'm also finding, as others have said, that shooting with really flat settings are pretty noisy when shooting in low-light. Things seem fine when shooting outdoors with plenty of light so you still get many of the benefits there. I knew that the GH4 wouldn't be the most amazing low-light option out there (though not bad for a m4/3 camera) so this is not a huge surprise, but I am finding that the darkest shadows and blacks really get messy when working with flat settings and shooting in the dark. So, when shooting low-key, it may be best to back off the flat settings (minus contrast, pedestal, highlights/shadows) and go with something closer to the default settings.

So far, the Natural Photo Style tweaked a little bit (contrast -2, noise reduction -2, sharpness -5, saturation -5) looks way better for skin tones in my opinion, and this also helps reduce the noise in the shadows.

Any of you found good settings for talking head/interview style shooting?