Mikme Pocket & DISH.TC

Two quick audio for video gear Kickstarter campaigns: 1) Mikme Pocket - a wireless lavalier body pack recorder and bluetooth transmitter. 2) DISH.TC - a super-simple to use timecode generator which jams with satellite time.

See the DISH.TC kickstarter page.

See the Mikme Pocket kickstarter page.

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DEITY V.Lav: Intelligent, Affordable Lavalier Microphone

DEITY Microphones recently released a new affordable lavalier microphone - the V.Lav. The unique thing about this microphone is that you generally won’t need adapters to work with different devices like mobile phones, cameras, audio recorders, or Mac/PC. Instead, it intelligently figures out what it is connected to and configures itself to work with that device. Let’s take a closer look and listen!

If you’d like to learn how to make great dialogue audio for your film and video projects, please have a look at my courses including processing dialogue audio in Adobe Audition and DaVinci Resolve/Fairlight, recording sound, how to use the Zoom F8 and F8n, and how to get the most from the Sound Devices MixPre series of recorders.

Links to gear used in this video:

DEITY V.Lav Lavalier Microphone

Lupo Superpanel Full Color 60 - Pro level 1x2’ LED panel light that works great not only as an effects light, but also as a key or rim.

Lupo Superpanel Dual Color 60 - Same as above but without the RGB capabilities and this one has more light output. I only need to set it to about 8% on the dimmer for most head and shoulders shots.

Panasonic GH5 - (Amazon) used for some of the audio tests and a few of the product shots

Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 OIS Lens (Amazon)

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K - used to shoot the talking head and most of the product shots

Copyright 2019 by Curtis Judd

Music Copyright 2018 by Cary Judd. Used with permission.

Hiding Lavalier Microphones - with Simon Bysshe of Ursa Straps

In this week's Sound for Video Session, we connected with Simon Bysshe of Ursa Straps where he demonstrates how to hide lavalier microphones in a variety of situations. No single strategy works in all situations, but Simon does a good job covering several strategies to fit different scenarios, taking into account wardrobe, gender of the actor, and more.

Ursa Straps - Their products and where to purchase them throughout the world.

Ursa Straps' YouTube Channel where they cover many of their products and how they help with concealing lavalier microphones and body packs.

Durapore Tape (on Amazon)

Nexcare Tape (on Amazon)

Skin Tac Wipes (on Amazon)

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MAONO AU-XLR20 Lavalier: Inexpensive XLR Lavalier Microphone

Are there any decent, low-self-noise, XLR based lavalier microphones you recommend? This question has come up quite often over the last several years. So in this episode, we have a look at and listen to the MAONO AU-XLR20, a very affordable XLR lavalier microphone which can be powered by the microphone input, or provide its own power.

You can access a sample wav file directly from the MAONO AU-XLR20 and Zoom F8n here.

If you’d like to learn how to make great dialogue audio for your film and video projects, please have a look at my courses at our school including one that focuses on processing dialogue audio!

Links to some of the gear used in this episode:

MAONO AU-XLR20 Lavalier Microphone

Zoom H4n Pro Audio Recorder

Zoom F8n - The audio for this episode was recorded with the F8n

Lupo Superpanel Full Color 30 RGBW LED Light - used for that crazy purple background. Review coming soon!

Panasonic GH5s Camera - my favorite small camera for video

Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 OIS Lens - this is the the lens I use more than any other on the GH5s

Copyright 2018 by Curtis Judd 

Music - Copyright 2018 by Cary Judd, used with permission

Sound for Video Session: Q&A

In this week's live Sound for Video Session, we'll take a shot at answering your sound for video questions. You can submit them live, or for future sessions, just sign up for free over at and I'll email you when its time to submit.

Gear discussed in this episode:

dbx286s Vocal Channel Strip - an analogue preamp, compressor, de-esser which can be useful for live streaming

Oscar SoundTech Lavalier Microphones

Lavalier Microphones:
DPA 4160
Sanken COS-11D
Countryman B6
Voice Technologies VT500

Copyright 2018 by Curtis Judd

Sound for Video Session: Lav Mics, Recording to Phones, Presets in RX, Headphone Volume

This week we have a question and answer session. These are the questions submitted:
- Best lav mic for recording in very noisy environments?
- Best microphone for recording to phones?
- Universal presets in RX?
- What do I set my headphone volume to so that I can tell whether I’ve set the gain correctly?

Links to gear we discussed or used to record this session:
Countryman E6i Cardioid Ear Set Microphone:

RODE VideoMicro - miniature cardioid microphone you could use on a smartphone rig (with the adapter below)

RODE SC4 Adapter (Use the VideoMicro with your phone)

Aputure A.Lav Lavalier Microphone:

Previous Sessions where we’ve covered how to process dialogue audio in Izotope RX:

Izoope RX6 demo:

Reduce reverb with RX6:

Loudness normalization in RX:

Process dialogue demo with RX:

Clean up extreme noise in RX and Audition:

Electrovoice RE20 (recorded this session)

Antelope Audio Orion Studio Audio Computer Interface

Copyright 2017 by Curtis Judd

Voice Technologies VT500 Lavalier Microphone: Pro Quality Lav

We’ve had several requests to spend some time looking at pro-level lavalier microphones. In this episode we take a quick look at and listen to the omni-directional VT500 lavalier from Voice Technologies, a Swiss microphone company. For reference, we also have some sound clips from the Sanken COS-11D lavalier, one of the very common lavalier mics used by pro location mixers for film and video. And we include samples with male and female voice.

I was really impressed with the VT500 with it’s unusual front facing capsule and found it’s audio quality to be very good and its form factor easy to hide. The foam windscreen is thoughtfully designed with hard plastic backing to prevent noise from rubbing against clothing, and the RF shielding worked nicely to avoid those annoying interference issues. There’s also a waterproof model for those recording more exciting pieces in or near water.

You can find our previous review of the Countryman B6 lavalier microphone here:

Links to Gear Discussed and Used to Record This Session:

Voice Technologies VT500 Omni-directional Lavalier Microphone

Voice Technologies VT500 O Eco (same microphone without the waterproof case or extended accessories and lower price)

Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro - for talking head shots. quite a lot of moire with this particular shirt

RODELink Wireless Lavalier Filmmaker Kit

Sennheiser EW 112p G3 Wireless Lavalier Kit (516-558 MHz)

Panasonic GH5 Camera - for product shots

Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 Zoom Lens

Copyright 2017 by Curtis Judd

6 Affordable Lavalier Microphones Compared

One of the least expensive ways to improve the quality of your video is to use a microphone that you can get close to your talent/actors. Here are six affordable lavalier microphones that will help. We chose an assortment to work with your smartphone, DSLR or interchangeable lens cameras, your laptop or PC, or even GoPro action cameras.

Links to Gear Discussed and Used to Record This Session:

Dutch Kings Lavalier Microphone (For smartphones or GoPro)

Aputure A.lav EZ (for smartphones)

RODE smartLav+ (for smartphones)

Aputure A.lav (for smartphones, cameras, and PCs with headset inputs)

Comica Dual Head Lavalier Microphone (for recording 2 people into smartphones, cameras, PCs, or GoPros)

Sony ECM-CS3 Stereo Lavalier Microphone (for cameras)

RODE SC3 Adapter (If your microphone has a TRRS plug - 3 colored rings on the plug - and you want to use if for your camera or audio recorder, use this adapter)

RODE SC4 Adapter (If your microphone has a TRS plug - 2 colored rings on the plug - and you want to use it for your smartphone or PC with a headset input, use this adapter)

Panasonic GH5 Camera

Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 OIS Lens

Copyright 2017 by Curtis Judd

Sound for Video Session: Lavalier Mics, Air Conditioning, Music Videos

This week we answered sound questions from several of you including the following:

- 3 questions about lavalier microphones
- How to deal with noise like air conditioning
- How to record/shoot music videos

Gear discussed and used to produce this episode:

RODE VXLR 3.5mm TRS to XLR Adapter

Zoom H5 Handy Recorder

Tascam DR-70D Audio Recorder (4 inputs)

Electrovoice RE20 Dynamic Microphone (Voiceover for this session was recorded with this)

Antelope Orion Studio Audio Interface (Voiceover for this session was recorded with this)